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Marta M. Pires, CPsychol

Clinical & Counselling Psychologist                        

EMDR Therapist​​

 Adult Therapy 

Life can often be challenging and overwhelming at times. Psychotherapy can help to provide the opportunity to have a safe space to speak confidentially to someone who can give support and help gain insight into your specific life situation and emotions.

Though no one can control what life brings, there are choices in the way people can react to situations, which can enhance balance and peace of mind.

Therapy can help you learn to identify your options, understand your life patterns: why you particularly and consistently have chosen to react in a specific way? Why are you holding to specific emotions such as anger or worry? Therapy will support you on changing your emotional pattern with a new understanding of yourself, helping you make conscious choices.

The therapeutic process helps make links between past and present experiences to better understand and address current challenges. The relationship with parents and with other important adults figures forms a child’s core beliefs about themselves, and these beliefs are often unconsciously carried into adulthood. Therefore some of your childhood patterns will govern the way in which you as an adult live your life, the way you relate to yourself and other people. These unconscious beliefs and patterns can often stop a person from being happy.

* * * *

My aim as a therapist is to help you understand your personal history and to comprehend how negative patterns can lead to emotional stress. Through this you will gain insight into your life, your thought patterns and find creative solutions with new ways of acting, thinking and feeling.

I will help you create the life you want and be your personal best.

Sessions last 60 minutes or 1h 30minutes and can be held either on a weekly basis or every other week. The length and frequency of the sessions are designed to meet the needs of each client and are regularly reviewed.

I not only offer ongoing sessions to clients based in London and at my practice. But I also offer phone/Skype sessions, to provide ongoing therapy to clients that are either frequent flyers (or spend long periods of time in different parts of the world) or that live in other cities or countries. To learn about phone sessions terms click here

Frequency, continuity and consistency therapy sessions are critical to a successful outcome in achieving who you want to be.

+44 (0) 7737 156614

[email protected]